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Matchivision – Competition Optimization
MatchVision .

The format revolution is coming

We deliver flexible and innovative solutions to the big issues of the competitions’ world, optimizing parameters that define the event (such as number of participants, matches, resources invested and duration), as well as minimizing the probability of insignificant matches and score manipulations. Our format designs overcome the limitations of traditional formats and take attractiveness, profitability and sport justice to unprecedented levels.
To be the global reference on design of optimized formats for competitions of all types.
Leandro Shara © MatchVision Models (formats) championship are registered under the Registration of intellectual property in Chile and internationally. Registry Number: 154857 May 17, 2006. All Rights Reserved, 2006.

We optimize competitions in every aspect


MatchVision formats allow changing one competition parameter without affecting the others. Thus we can increase teams in the FIFA World Cup™ to 36, keeping the same number of matches per team, rounds and tournament length as today!


No ’dead matches’. With MatchVision the outcome of each match is relevant always for both competitors, no-one is eliminated or qualified before the last match.


MatchVision formats allow more matches between TOP teams, without eliminating them. Additionally, everyone compete with everyone, fans are encourage to watch all matches.


The entertainment value of sport is connected to the ’uncertainty of outcome’ – the greater the uncertainty, the greater the value. MatchVision formats maximize uncertainty and entertainment value.


MatchVision formats allow realizing multi-host events while minimizing number of travels per team and their length, reducing significantly financial burden on hosts and participants.


Revolution in winning Strategy: Making the best way to win a tournament simply winning every game: No calculations No score manipulations

We’re experienced, multi-national professionals

Leandro is an expert on tournament format solutions. He has developed dozens of innovative base competitions formats, registered under Leandro Shara System ©, and has 20+ years of experience working for global companies such as PwC and GlaxoSmithKline in management positions in different continents.
Leandro Shara
President & Founder - Expert on tournament format solutions.

Alberto is responsible for Strategic Planning and commercial negotiations. Has over 13 years of Start-up and enterprising experience, as well as past experience in multi-national corporations. Alberto holds an MBA from Manchester University. Alberto is the director of Make-A-Wish Chile foundation.
Alberto Herrerias
VP of Business Development & Co-Founder

Itay was selected one of the 40 sports-tech innovation leaders in Europe, North America and Asia, and ran a global network of 12 accelerators for early-stage startups in sports. Itay holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from IE Business School.
Itay Ingber
Officer &

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NIEUW MODELWK voor vrouwen. Afrika Cup. Copa América. EK onder 21 jaar. Deze zomer worden diverse toernooien gespeeld in aloude formats, leidend tot aloude ergernissen. Een revolutionair model wint voorzichtig terrein.

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Leandro Shara es un consultor chileno, que ha desarrollado un nuevo sistema para el mundial. Promete mejorar la competitividad y acabar con la especulación en los resultados.

Pot System©️ Examples.

Pots System


Pots System


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